Saturday, November 04, 2000

Hey everyone! My second entry... hmmm well I'll start off by talking about today! *^^*
Well first off... I got to sleep in today!! ... for once.. I got up.. checked my e-mail and SDUBB- Silent Dreams UBB. Those are just my daily things to check...

Then my best friend Samantha called me and asked me to go swimming at her house. I don't like going swimming but I went to her house anyways. At her house we just hung out, I had recently given her a computer.. and they just decided to set it up. So the whole time they had their faced stuck to the screen like it was a miracle or something. =\ I also played my new burned CD. I didn't do much today.. but I did talk to their cousin Alysia. I guess we are better friends then we were before. The reason we weren't all the good of friends was because::

I knew Alysia since 6th grade and we weren't really close friends but we were friends. I met Samantha in 7th grade. We've been best friends ever since. but just recently Alysia and Samantha found out they were related. So now Alysia trys to use that as an excuse to be better friends with Samantha and Anna... Anna is also my best friend, she is Samantha's sister. Well.. I don't like that much.. it makes me feel left out.. but ohh well what happened that we weren't friends was this other girl named Emmeline.

I never liked Emmeline, so I told Alysia that she was a bitch. and somehow Emmeline must have found out and she called me a bitch. So I stepped up to her and confronted her.. and this is the conversation:

Me: "I heard you called me a bitch"
Emmeline: "Huh... who told you that?"(kind of acting innocent)
Me: "Jenny told me.."
Emmeline: "umm... well, ummm Alysia told me that you called me a bitch..."(making up excuses, although Alysia did tell her.. and thats why I stopped being Alysia's friend)
Me: "Why would she tell you that?"[in my head I was thinking.."because maybe its true!!"]
Emmeline: "ummm...I don't know um.., I'm not Alysia's friend anymore"
Me: "Ohh.. well I was just checkin because I dont think you should be calling people bitches for no reason"

Then I just left.. lol I scared her enough.. hahaha! Well now me and Alysia are friends and I told Alysia that I was glad she told Emmeline that I called her a bitch... as long as it is the truth... why not??

Well atleast Samantha told me that Alysia wouldn't be a closer friend to her that I am. anyways... this was along time ago.. but I just thought I would tell you!

I also found out something else today... This guy that I've liked for a while, Nixon, moved. Him and Samantha were really close friends and he didn't even tell her that he moved!! That is sooo wrong!! I can't believe he did that. He is such a cutie and so sweet.. I don't know why he wouldn't tell her. Maybe because all the little hoes hes been hanging out with lately that are jealous of Samantha...

well anyways I don't have much of anything else to say! So I guess I'll leave it at that. Good Night everyone! *^^*

Friday, November 03, 2000

Hey There! *^^*
Welcome to The Life and Times of CJ: A Diary
This is my first entry so I will just make it a welcome message! *^^*
I created this diary to keep track of my life and just to spill my thoughts.. I dont mind anyone reading it, but if you do.. Please keep in mind that there may be graphic type language or content. I'd just like to say that I appriciate your interest! *^^*

.·:Here Are My Basic Stats:·.
::Name: Cristie a.k.a. CJ
::Nicknames: Princess Venus, Venus-hime, PV, CJ, Venus, Vee, V-babe... etc...
::Age: 14
::Birthday: October 4th, 1986
::Astrological Sign: Libra
::Planet: Venus
::Blood Type: O+
::Favorite Color: Red & Pink
::Favorite Food: Mexican and Chinese
::Least Favorite Food: Im not sure...
::Favorite Subject: Art, Performance, & Foreign Languages
::Least Favorite: Science(Biology), Social Studies(History), and English
::Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon, Ah! My Goddess, Magic Knight Rayearth, Wedding Peach, Dragon Ball Z, and Tenchi Muyo
::Interests: Music, Anime, Performance ( Voice Acting, Singing, Acting, Dancing), Drawing, Having Fun, Being Creative, etc..
::Favorite Music: Rap/Hip Hop/R&B
::Favorite Artists: 2pac, Destiny's Child, Bone Thugs, Dru Hill, Christina Aguilera...and ummm ALOT!
::Favorite Songs(at the moment): "Whats your Fantasy"-Ludacris, ALL OF the songs by my Favorite Artists, "It wasnt Me"-Shaggy, "Every Little Thing"-Ja Rule, "No More"-3LW, AND ALOT MORE...
::FLAVA: Strawberry! *^^*

::ICQ: 57039587
::AIM/Yahoo: PrincessVenusX

I hope I *INTEREST* you enough to keep you coming back for more... lol, reading my diary ... OF COURSE! What were you crazy people thinking???